Instructor: Eileen Gidman

Painting Cotton Fabric with Dyes

In the class you will be introduced to the exciting process of developing your own one of a kind art cloth! Several techniques will be presented using thickened Procion dyes. Use your own designs or ones provided. The class is suited to those with or without additional painting knowledge. This process of painting with the dyes onto 100% cotton fabric, results in washable pieces, with the “hand” of the fabric remaining soft, perfect for framing, sewing or embellishing.  
Colour Confidence for Quilters

 Do you want more confidence in choosing fabric colours or are you someone who wants to expand your usual colour choices to some new exciting colour combinations?

Understanding colour theory can help us by giving structure to our fabric selections. Or if you are someone who normally selects fabrics intuitively, the more knowledge you have about colour the more intuitive choices you will be able to make.

Learn by doing. Fun, easy exercises will provide participants with understanding and reference samples of monochromatic, harmonious, complementary, split complementary, triadic, and polychromatic colour schemes. Values, including tints, shades and tones give depth to a quilt. We will learn methods of identifying values in fabrics and how to use value in quilts. Also participants will identify several colour combinations to go with a fashion print of their choosing. Bring your colour knowledge and questions.

Twenty-four Colours
Workshops Offered:
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Painting with Dyes Workshop:  2 or 3 day workshops introducing the direct painting method of applying dyes to natural fabric. Lots of fun! Students will have several pieces of dye painted fabric completed by the end of the workshop.
Painting with Liquid Dyes: 1 day workshop introducing painting sky fabric, landscape fabric or designed fabric. Especially suited to quilters wishing to create their own special fabric pieces.
Colour Confidence For Quilters: 1 day workshop.
Design Elements: 1-2 day workshop.
Painting with Watercolours for the Totally Terrified Beginner: 15 hours focusing on basic watercolour techniques.
Painting with Watercolours for the Not so Terrified Intermediate: 15 hours of watercolour techniques and development of individuals painting styles.