Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Art Show This Weekend

The Images Art Show & Sale is happening in Creston, BC this Saturday and Sunday. If you are able to attend, it would be great to see you there.

You are invited to the Creston Images Art Show and Sale.

I am so pleased to be showing with the other artists.
I will be exhibiting 19 watercolour paintings. See a few of them below.

Plein Air Paintings
This started as a plein air painting one day when Ute Bachinski and I were painting at Brunhams' Greenhouse. After painting the beautiful flowers in front of the greenhouse in another painting, I turned 180 degrees and painted these plant stalks.  They were adding such structure to the landscape, I couldn't resist them.

Landscapes in Pattern 
Using stencils was so creatively invigorating that I will be looking for opportunities to try more stencilling. I started this painting on location in Lister and finished it one day when I was painting at my friend's studio.

Clothesline Series
'Miner's House' 
Clothesline Series which I began in order to draw attention to energy conservation.
'Life with My Human' Watercolour Series
The following paintings are three of a series that I am highlighting at this Art Show. The series started in 2018 and aims to capture the uniqueness of the relationship between each pet and their owner.  A portion of the profit from the sale of commissioned paintings in this series will be donated to a local animal charity or agreed-upon animal charity of the purchaser’s choice.
'Behind the House, Across the Street'
This painting is looking down the Devon Street trail, that the Rotary Club developed last year. Three different home owner's planted flowers to enhance the trail. Thank you to all developers and maintainers of the trail. And a special thank you Barb, my neighbour and her dog for posing. 

'Running Partner'
This beautiful dog and his 'Mom' share a love of going for a run and/or walk together. Living where they do, they visit some pretty spectacular scenery.

'Waiting for a Breeze'
Bruce has many adventures with his owner and this year learning to ride on a sailboat was one of the them. Sailing on Kootenay lake, what could be better?

Textile Cards
At the show, there will be some of my Christmas and winter themed textile cards. I was in the dye pots last week and tried painting cardinals for the first time. The process starts by painting with dyes onto fabric. Later in the process, I thread sketch some details. 
Cardinal's all in a row. They will be cut for individual card tops.

Here are six night skies painted with dyes. You can just see the 'plate' pallet with the dark blue dye on it. Note the lower left card in the photo below. Can you see which one got a rabbit thread sketched on it? Even though I often paint a few images at once, they are all created with variety.
Textile cards for the winter season. In the Creston Valley, people often skate on Duck Lake and that's where I draw my inspiration for the skater's from.

The textile cards make a gift and card in one as they fit perfectly in a 5 X 7" frame.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Watercolour Painting for the 'Trails for Creston Valley Society'

Recently the Creston Trail Society was fund raising to purchase a riverside property for a park. In the initial stages of fund raising, when I offered my artistic services, the Society members asked me to create a painting that could be used as a poster to track the fund raising efforts. They had a few specific things they wanted which I incorporated. The right side was left quite bare to accommodate the fundraising numbers that were to be added. The painting was copied and laminated which worked very well for adding on slips of paper with amounts of the goal to be reached and the fund raising efforts to date. 

The painting was also used on the cover of the 'I love Creston' magazine!

The poster on the table of one of the fund raisers.

The painting continued to be used for additional posters even after the property was purchased. The graphic designer did a great job in adding the texted to the scanned painting.

Another great poster.

The painting was also used for 75 Thank You cards.

And the local bakery made a cake for a celebration at the purchased property. What a great project to be involved in. Look here for more information Trails for Creston Valley Society 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

InkTober - Border Collie Sketch

October is a great month to start daily sketching. To participate in InkTober, simply complete an inked sketch daily or at least as many days as you can. There are word lists created for ideas each day or use your own idea. You can find a list here InkTober 2018 Word List . Feel free to share your creations. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Embellishing with Hand dyed Velvet

Dyed Rayon Velvet

Rayon dyes vibrantly with Procion Fibre Reactive Dyes and is easy to do. For the two sample pieces I did, I simply painted liquid dye onto soda soaked rayon velvet. 
This is my first time embellishing my Textile Cards with rayon velvet pieces. 

Cattails are naturally fuzzy so the brown velvet was perfect for them. I definitely need to dye more brown velvet. Do these colours speak to you of autumn?

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hand Dyed Fabrics Embellishing Textile Cards

Recently I tried embellishing my textile cards with additional fabric. Creatively invigorating! It was a technique I tried for the first time over the last three weeks. Why did I do it? Perhaps it was that large box of beautiful, hand dyed fabrics that are either too small or not quite suited alone for a card top. Or was it just time, after years of  free motion stitching details onto my hand dyed fabrics, to explore another method of adding details? Possibly a little of both.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Life with My Human Watercolour Series: 'Behind the House, Across the Street'

The Images Art Show is in November in Creston, BC and I am working on a dog series for it called 'Life with My Human'. The watercolour painting below is the sixth of this series. I am happy with it not only as a part of this series but also as it showcases a trail our Creston Trail Society  has recently developed. 
Life with My Human Series: 'Behind the House, Across the Street'
watercolour 10 1/2 X 13 1/2"
by Eileen Gidman

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

New Watercolour Series: Life with My Human

Thank you everyone who gave me suggestions for a title for this Dog Series I've been working on since January. All the ideas resulted in the title, 'Life with My Human'. It is a watercolour series which attempts to show the bond between a dog and it's owner, by painting a specific activity they do together. 
At my friend,  Win,, suggestion I left the title without the word dog in it so I can branch out to other pets too. 

The photos I saw of this dog, made me think that 'Bruce' is game for any adventure with HIS human. Even though you can see he is a mature dog, Bruce is still willing to try something new. Here is Bruce, this summer, co-piloting his owner's new sailboat! I wonder what he is thinking? "Where's the breeze?"

Series: Life with My Human
'No Breeze'
7 1/2" X 10 1/2"
watercolour by Eileen Gidman