Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hand (dye) painted Design - 'Prehistoric'

Hand (dye) painted fabric
by Eileen Gidman

Choosing colours to accompany a patterned fabric.
Rather than simply choosing from the colours within the piece what are some of the possibilities for colour selection? Using Joen Wolfrom's Color tool, the complement of the cerulean blue found in this hand painted piece would be a yellow-orange. If you included shades of orange right up to deep rusts, the colour combination with the blue from the 'Prehistoric' hand painted fabric would be electrifying.
A triadic colour combination is another possibility. The colours with the cerulean blue, would be chartreuse, and a cool red (blue in it). Choosing uneven amounts of the three colours in your piece would allow dominance of one colour and supporting roles for the other two colours. What other colour combinations can you think of? Rather than choosing just from the colours within the feature fabric try something unexpected for an exceptional piece.

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