Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A week of Watercolour Sketches

A Week of Watercolour Sketches
Eileen Gidman
11 X 15" $55

Working in this format is motivating. As noted in the previous post a light wash was applied to the watercolour paper prior to it being divided into squares. Each day last week, I either sketched with a black ink pen something that was of interest to me that day or I completed a sketch in the studio with watercolour washes.
What became evident working in this format was the necessity to consider a whole composition along with each individual watercolour sketch. Creating flow through the watercolours was accomplished with the high contrast of the dark blue with the lights. A complementary colour scheme of orange and blue was adhered to throughout to further add cohesiveness. Note the perennial sweet peas in the upper left in real life are pink. The advantage of painting is the ability to change the composition and colours of what you are painting, to create your own unique artwork.

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Laura Leeder said...

Congratulations on your week of creativity!
Wonderful sketches, Eileen.