Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Clotheline Series

 Burano Island, Venice, Italy
the painting that started the 'Clothesline Series' 
This 'Clothesline Series' is an ongoing series which has been in Art Shows and in Galleries in the Kootenays. As the fall weather approaches I already am spending more time painting outdoors and will be sure to include more clotheslines as subject matter. If you are interested in having your clothesline painted contact me at
What is this interest in clotheslines? I have never had a clothes dryer in my home and after seeing the beautiful clothes hanging in Italy I started being proud of that fact. The promotion of energy conservation is my goal and aren't those clotheslines just so artful. I encourage everyone to hang dry their clothes whenever it is practical.
Check out the post of Aug 30, 2012 to see a clothesline that was sketched on a sewing machine!
'Work Clothes' - Sold

'Breeze' - Sold

'Erikson' - Sold