Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Free Motion Stitching 20 new Textile Cards

My Personal Favorite
I love the colours and its simplicity.
These cards were created by first hand painting on cotton fabric. They were then free motion stitched, all with original images.

Twenty new Textile Cards
now available at Creston Card and Stationery

Bear in Stitching
This bear was the most challenging image of this set cards. Stitching is not like drawing because I have only so much control when moving the fabric under the sewing machine, therefore I find it important to simplify the images. After placing the bear, I couldn't resist adding the log cabin in the background to further enhance the wilderness scene. Too fun.

A Little Whimsy

Wildlife in the Golden Fields of Fall

Pottery Pot by Doris now graces my sewing room
The design of this little clay pot by my friend Doris is very sweet. There are  three long horizontal shaped legs on the bottom which is totally unique but  very stable. It seemed the perfect addition to hold my drawing tools and seam ripper when I free motion stitch on my sewing machine.
The clay pot was created, I know because I asked, by a slab method and stamped with hand carved stamps. The stamps are typically made either in clay or Plaster of Paris. The glaze was a happy accident as something was left out in the mixing process but the glaze turned out this lovely green. Now known as 'Green Man Green'!
There will be a few pots of a similar design available in Creston, BC, November 16th at the Mudder's Pottery Sale.


HollyM said...

The cards are sweet! I love the free motion stitching.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

As always, I love your free-motion stitching over those lovely dyed fabrics!