Sunday, January 26, 2014

Machine quilting on a Home Machine

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Machine Quilting on a Sewing Machine
This week I machine quilted my first full sized quilt on my home machine. Proud? Yes I am!
Why did I quilt it myself when a long arm machine quilter, could have done a fancier job? When I was discussing this with another quilter who is machine sewing her own quilt top, we decided our reasons were twofold. One, the type of quilt we were sewing perhaps didn't warrant the cost of a custom quilting job and two, we are people who just like to create the whole thing ourselves. Please note though, that I support those long arm quilters for their beautiful custom work.
My Mechanical Bernina and it's Walking Foot
Thank you to my sewing machine repair man, who refurbished this 40+ year old mechanical Bernina for my second sewing machine. It is the one I cart around and it is a workhorse. I am so glad he insisted I needed to purchase the walking foot accessory. It worked beautifully. I had only one pucker on the back when I was done the quilting and that was easily repairable. Although my other sewing machine is not  a Bernina, I enjoyed going to this site recently to look at their new machines. Bernina Machines
When I get the binding on I will photograph the quilt in it's entirety and talk about fabric stash evaluation.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

That looks just gorgeous, Eileen, and I can certainly understand why you'd want to complete it - start to finish!

Laura Leeder said...

Fabric stash evaluation....not part of my watercolour language, I will wait to see if I have guessed correctly what it means.
The quilt looks beautiful, all that colour!