Monday, May 11, 2015

Sketching on European River Cruise

The Wassau Valley is full of vineyards and historical architecture - a sketcher's dream.

Sketching is so rewarding for me and I remember so much more than when I snap a photo. Fellow travelers asked will I be painting from my sketches? Maybe yes and maybe no, but practice is always necessary for keeping eyes and hand working together.

Lamps: So many to styles.

Almost an hour waiting for a Bavarian Parade to start gives me time to lean against a building and sketch what crosses my visual field. What a lot of fun.

Last summer I included 3 horses in a painting and now I am fascinated with learning to sketch them.

Salzburg: Having some time on my own I was able to sketch beside a local artist selling her wares and then to talk with her. Our languages were different but with the similarities in our lives we had much to share. Of course I bought one of her hand painted cards which I will post later.

A few minutes of waiting on the bus gave me enough time to sketch two ladies waiting for their bus.

Sketching 'bits' while cruising on the ship.

Even a fifteen minute break gives you enough time to sketch something of interest from your tour.

Getting to know fellow travelers is always great as they have travel stories to share. Lynn and Don are a couple that inspired us with trips they have taken and they are 80. I was delighted when they sat in front of me so that I was able to capture them in a sketch.

"Yes, yes, I can sketch and listen too."

Sometimes it is difficult to find somewhere to sit with the view you want to sketch. Here I found a pylon to perch on while sketching this busy street scene in historical Budapest, Hungary. 


Win Dinn, Artist said...

How wonderful to see your sketches from what was obviously a fascinating the little tidbits of the passing views!

Laura Leeder said...

Thanks for the "mini" visual tour of your holiday through your delightful sketches.

I'm sure it will be reflected in your work for some time to come!

Unknown said...

These are great representations, Eileen. I feel privledged that you share.