Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Group Round Robins

Have you ever participated in a ‘round robin’ in your quilt group? I did and the process was AMAZING!  A round robin is when each participant makes a strip or block to start and each time the group meets another member gets the project to work on.  As each person has their own set of skills the culmination of the project is so much more than the individual participant can accomplish alone.
The fabric painted hyacinth was my beginning block.  My peers are so talented. This is only a small portion of the wall hanging in order to show some of the details. The asymmetrical borders, the basket weave border, the applique and the beading were added by the other quilters. Love it!
When starting your own ‘round robin’, be sure the reason for doing the project is discussed. Consider whether the overall goal is to be as creative as possible or is it to end up with what the owner envisions. For the latter it would be important to include detailed instructions with the piece. Having guidelines can be easier for participants and can definitely result in a more cohesive piece. For others however the wide open approach with support for trying innovative ideas which may or may not turn out is more exciting and growth producing. Having the group decide what the goal is before embarking on the ‘round robin’, will provide clear direction for how to proceed. Enjoy, there is much to be learned.


Laura Leeder said...

Eileen, what a beautiful piece.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

When I saw this piece at the show, I was forcibly struck with the palpable beauty of the combined skills. Collaboration can be such a wonderfully artistic happiness.