Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Over-dyeing Black and White Fabric

Over-dyeing Black and White Cotton Fabric

Over-dyeing works well on black and white 100% cotton fabric. The black and white fabric was first washed with Synthrapol to clean it from any possible oils which would interfere with dyeing.
The cotton fabric was then soda soaked, dried, and painted with thickened Procion fibre-reactive dyes. It did not matter if a bit of dye was painted onto the black part as it did not show. This particular piece was painted by placing a variety of analagous colours on the brush at one time. The fabric was cured and washed in the regular way.

Dyeing a companion piece to coordinate with another fabric would be an excellent way of using an over-dyed black and white fabric. This piece looks fantastic as a border.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Wow, Eileen - this is totally stunning. I'm such a sucker for pattern, and this method is totally gorgeous in the results - looking forward to seeing more of this!