Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jacket using Hand-dyed Fabric as Accents

Jacket Front
Jacket Back
The hand (dye) painted fabric used in this jacket front are place on the upper right of picture below the neck band, mid-way on the left side, and the rectangle on the right above the dark blue. Also note this special fabric is on the back of the jacket on the upper left of the picture.
Coordinated commercial fabrics along with one of Eileen Gidman's hand (dye) painted fabric make this jacket outstanding. Seamstress Mrs. C, sewed this beautifully designed jacket using a Lorraine Torrence pattern,  'Talk of the Town Patchwork Blouse'.

What fun was had choosing commercial fabrics to complement the rich hand dyed piece of fabric. A harmonious colour scheme (colours close together on the colour wheel) was chosen with the addition of the neutral white which added a light to the value scale. Using the hand (dye) painted fabric as an accent piece made made good use of a small piece of fabric.
The general placement of the fabrics were auditioned before cutting out the pattern pieces. Special attention to sewing details such as decorative button holes, sleeve cuffs lined in turquoise, fabric swatches not only on the front but also the back of the garment put this jacket in a class of it's own.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a gorgeous jacket - the combination of your hand-dyed fabric pieces and commercial fabrics is really outstanding in this piece. Mrs. C will garner a ton of compliments, I'm sure!