Thursday, May 3, 2012

Workshop Painting with Dyes

Workshop Participant's Piece
Workshop Participant's Piece
Workshop: Painting with Dyes
Last week I had a wonderful time giving a 2 day fabric dyeing workshop in Nelson, BC. What a time the 11 of us had. The group process brings out so much creativity.
What did we learn together?
Lots of people learn by doing, so after a brief lesson on the products needed for dyeing, safety issues, and a demonstration of the direct painting method for applying dyes, the participants got right down to working on their soda soaked fabric. Some started by tracing one of the three designs I brought and some began with their own pictures. Soon the thickened dyes were being applied to the fabric. Over the two days I demonstrated several techniques and with much time devoted to painting, each participant's style emerged----so exciting to watch.
What did I learn from the group?
Capture a memorable moment in life by painting it. Painter's brushes should not be idle. Border Collies look good painted. Painting after a night shift can be done. Think about fabric designs not just paintings. A blender works well for mixing dyes. Try things in 3's. Kleenex boxes have wonderful design ideas. Simple designs can be the strongest. Painting can be very intense, yet fun.
What will happen to the fabrics painted at the workshop? Embellishments such as beading, thread painting, and the addition of commercial fabrics along with the sewer's imagination will finish these dye painted fabrics into one of a kind art pieces.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

These photos look fabulous, Eileen, and I'll bet your participants were just delighted with their results. I love your comments about what you learned from the workshop - one of my favourite things about teaching is the great learning curve for me - I always get at least as much learning from teaching as what I impart!

Gloria said...

We had a wonderful time, Eileen! You're a great teacher, mentor, encourager!

I also like to hear what you have learned.

We've scheduled a date to get together and finish them off.