Friday, August 3, 2012

Assessing Your Fabric Colours

Assessing Your Fabric Colours
Have you ever assessed your 'fabric stash'? Perhaps you gravitate to certain colours at the Quilt Store. What an eye opener it was to formally organize and assess my fabrics using Joen Wolfroem's 3 in 1 Color Tool.

To do this, I cut swatches of all the fabrics I have that show mainly as one colour. Using the colour tool, I identified which of the 24 colours each fabric belonged to. There are either a lot of blue-violet materials available or I gravitate to that colour as I had a lot of  that colour. I found it more challenging to assess the fabrics that are greyed but the Color Tool can help with that.

This exercise I did once before with my quilt guild's collection of scraps and I noted similar things. The lights and darks of almost every colour were very limited. If you are like me you might benefit from purchasing not only the visually appealing mid tones but  also light and dark fabrics in their same colour family.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love this assessment, Eileen - I could do the same with my paper stash and really benefit from it! Thanks for posting this suggestion.