Friday, October 5, 2012

Fortis BC watercolour painting

Power Sense Manager, Carol Suhan at Fortis BC (right) receives watercolour painting 'Everyday Clothesline' from artist, Eileen Gidman (left). Check back later next week to find out who this painting is being presented to.

Energy conservation is dear to artist Eileen Gidman. Through a series of paintings featuring clotheslines, she highlights the concept of energy conservation.

The painting 'Everyday Clothesline' tells a story that evokes nostalgia for
another time. The older style shingled home emphasizes the mood, and the clothesline reel and electric meter are prominently featured to signify the need for protection of our resources.

It is, however, the workman's hanging clothes that first caused Eileen to photograph the scene. She feels this scene speaks of every one's ability, even after a hard day of work, to hang their clothes to dry.

Not only are clotheslines economic and green, they're just so artful!


Laura Leeder said...

Congratulations on your Fortis, BC painting commission Eileen! What a great photo of you and Carol. Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Congratulations, Eileen - a fabulous painting, and a terrific 'find' for Fortis!