Sunday, January 13, 2013

Largest Dye painting

Dye painted Portrait Project Piece: approx 26" X 33"
This is the largest dye painted cotton piece that I have ever attempted and in this photo only the blue of the sky remains to be done. Thickened dyes were used as the painting medium and white cotton fabric is what it was painted on. Both are available at Dharma Trading mail order. 
After this piece is cured and washed, I anticipate adding some fabric pieces and sketch stitching in black thread.
This piece is being created for the Portrait Textile Art show at the Langham gallery in Kaslo, BC this summer.  Still a long ways to go to completion but I am so happy to have it started.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

It's looking fabulous, Eileen - good on you!

Laura Leeder said...

It is a large piece Eileen, and it is coming along nicely! I look forward to the finished piece.