Thursday, January 31, 2013

Penticton, Quilt Canada Squares

Dye painted 6 1/2" Squares
I'm getting ready for Quilt Canada, Penticton - 3 new pairs painted. The 6 1/2" squares, sold in pairs' were popular with quilters so I am starting on some new ones for Quilt Canada, which will be in Penticton, BC, Canada in May 2013. Painting each one individually takes a quite awhile so I must start early. These items will also be posted on my website for sale. If you are looking for a particular theme let me know as I am always looking for ideas to paint.
Sew these squares with traditional piecing or simply frame. Shoppers were also buying them  for presents and quilt challenges with each member getting a square.


Win Dinn said...

Love these ones, Eileen - they're so bright, so happy, so fun! I look forward to seeing the rest before you head off to Penticton!

Laura Leeder said...

Beautiful Eileen, makes my heart sing with joy!

Pam Pollock said...

Gorgeous flowers! Looks like spring.