Friday, March 1, 2013

ABCD Quilting - Kim Schrader Fauth

Kim Schrader Fauth gave an enlightening workshop she developed called the ABCD Quilting technique. The technique involves cutting same sized squares of varying values (we used three fabrics), sewing them together, cutting them apart, laying them together in a certain way and resewing them. You end up with 32 ABCD blocks in a very short time.
The different blocks can be laid out in a wide varied of ways so each person's piece is unique. I love that. Additional blocks can be added to make larger or rectangular pieces. The technique works well for borders which I can  hardly wait to try with my painted fabric pieces. Below are just a few photos from our day together.
Check out Kim's website at

S's completed quilt top

One of B's layouts

P tried hers with some florals

C is trying a block approach

A's colour choice is stunning

B let me try her squares with one of my painted fabric pieces as a border


Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a wonderful range of styles arise with this method, Eileen - would it work with your portrait as a border? I just love the whole concept!

Laura Leeder said...

Another technique to play and experiment with, how fun! I really like your fabric piece with this border technique Eileen.

Laura Leeder said...
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