Thursday, March 7, 2013

Clothesline Series - 'Floral Towels'

Watercolour - Clothesline Series: 'Floral Towels'
The Clothesline Series in watercolour is dear to me as it is associated with my promotion of energy conservation. In the past, clotheslines were banned in places as they were thought of as unsightly. Clothes hanging on lines can be beautiful and it is certainly a beautiful thought to be saving energy.
Everywhere I go, my eye is drawn to clothes blowing in the breeze. This picture was inspired by looking out of the bedroom window of a lakeside house where I was staying. The white building and clothesline reel were highlighted in the sunlight filtering through the coniferous forest. After asking my hosts, I quickly hung my guest towels on the line and captured several photos.
Below is a link to a painting from my Clothesline Series being presented at a FortisBC energy conservation awards ceremony.
This week at our YQuilters' show, I displayed my portrait piece with the 'Works in Progress'.
Portrait Project nearing Completion
Free-motion stitching on Hand dye painted Cotton


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