Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art Show: Key City Theatre, Cranbrook, BC

The opening reception for the art show, 'A Kootenay Summer' is tomorrow in Cranbrook, BC. We are serving appetizers along with Skimmerhorn wine. It should be fun.
When the show was being hung on Monday, I finally got a chance to see the other artists' work and I was overwhelmed when I thought of the time that was given collectively to put that body of work together. There were many winter days I was working alone in my studio for this show. Time was spent wondering what I wanted to create, how I was going to create my vision and then there was the time of actually  painting. On Monday, seeing the other artists' work, I found it reassuring knowing that the other artists must have been going through their own processes, similar to mine, getting prepared for this show.
Check out this link for upcoming shows. Key City Theatre

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

It's a fabulous show, Eileen, and I'm SO loving your tomatoes, in particular - they look just yummy!