Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bee Problems

Hand dye painted Textile Card with Thread Sketching
It is frightening to read that honey bees throughout the world are still declining. This year, the European Union is planning to restrict the use of certain pesticides known as neonicotinoids which is thought to be one of the causes for the bee decline. It seems the costs for pollinating with honey bees has risen significantly for North American farmers due to the shortage of this wonderful workers.
At the time I painted this bee and stitched on it's wings I wasn't thinking of the trouble bees are experiencing globally, but I know I will be painting more to draw attention to the situation.
There were so many beautiful quilts throughout the recent Penticton, Quilt Canada 2013 show, but one of my favorite quilt among the winners was Brigitte Villenue's "Expedition" which you can view here.

The category she won in was 'Workmanship in Applique' which I would be unable to assess but her colour choice of orange and the complementary blue focuses the viewer on the paddlers and the greyed greens of the trees in the background provide a wonderful sense of distance. Amazing!
Please also note of the Creston Fabric Artisans - 'Creston: Slice of Paradise' which is very impressive! Beautifully done ladies.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

This is a lovely bee piece, and I do hope you complete some more; I'm a strong bee-liever in bringing attention to the declining population of the bees and the horrendous use of GMOs on our planet.

And there are some fabulous pieces in the winning categories, Eileen.