Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Butterflies: Heading to the Canadian Quilt Show, Penticton, B C

Dye  Painted Fabric

I sketched this one butterfly, actually I sketched half a butterfly and traced the second half to maintain symmetry. By placing the sketch under the fabric, I was able to draw several butterflies quite effortlessly. Thickened black dye in a bottle with a nib was used to outline the images. After curing the black line to a near dry state, the colours were added using a brush and thickened dyes. After curing the butterflies, the fabric was washed in a sythropol wash. All ready for a sewing project. Some embellishments such as beads or metallic threads might be nice on these butterflies.

Dye painted 6 1/2" Squares


Win Dinn, Artist said...

They're just dancing in their flight path, Eileen - wonderful!

Laura Leeder said...

These richly painted butterflies are pure delight Eileen!