Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Portrait Project-Linda Cole

The Portrait Project. 
Fourteen, Kaslo and area, women created self-portraits in textile. This is only the first post about one of the creators but note the  tab Portrait Projects on this Blog, for photos of all the self-portraits.
In speaking with the artists, I heard that textile was not all of the participants usual medium for expressing themselves. I think because of this and because the participants worked primarily on their own, the show is rich with variety. 
Below is the first post of one of the participants, Linda Cole, who was the mastermind of this collaborative show.

'Kaslo Self-Portrait' by Linda Cole

For some, the journey of making a self-portrait led to a different result than what was initially envisioned. The process involved change and at times a reveal with a surprising end.

'Kaslo Self-Portrait'
Linda discusses creating her self-portrait:
The reveal for me was that I found myself connecting with this image, really starting to love her and appreciate her.  It was an unexpected connection with a creative side of myself I didn't know existed, I came away with a confidence I didn't have before I met that image - found out that she is really okay!  And I thought I was just experimenting with a fabric collage technique."
My intent in creating this particular portrait was to express my contentment here in Kaslo.  The outcome I had planned with this project and where I ended up, was unexpected.  In the process of creating my image, I found that I was indeed, an authentically creative individual (somewhat demanding) with a distinct point of view.   Through this experience, I became the grateful recipient of a long awaited gift – confidence to pursue opportunities for more creative expression with the blessings of my internal muse.
Four months after I started, I finally had to let this image go, and move on.  In my mind, it isn’t finished.  It will probably never be finished completely. This “excuse” to play with fabric collage became a life affirming process of creative expression. 




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Win Dinn, Artist said...

This is a fabulous self-portrait! And like most artists, the creativity of the work leads to tremendous self-discovery. Isn't that what we all strive for in our journey? Well done, Linda!