Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Portraits Project In Textile Opening

Eileen Gidman's Alpine Hike
Hand (dye) Painted Textile with Free Motion Stitching and Embellishments

You are invited to:

The Portraits Project

self portraits of Kaslo and area women

in fabric

Opening Reception:
Friday July 5, 7 -9
Exhibition runs through August 18th

The Langham Art Galleries, 447 A Avenue, Kaslo, B.C., Canada
Galleries Open: Thurs - Sun from 1 - 4

The self portraits were to be created by the participant using primarily fabric with options being open to incorporating other media such as fiber, wood, beading, paints, wool and yarns etc.
My fabric was painted with dyes two times to attain a richness of colour. The inner layer is flannel to avoid much loft and it was free motion stitched in several colours. Fabric pieces were added to the trees and netting placed over the granite rocks for texture. Pink and clear beads were sewn to the netting to represent mica in the granite. A clean edge was chosen over a border to avoid distraction. More on the other participant's portraits to follow.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love the whole concept, Eileen, and wish you every success with the show!