Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hand Painted Textile - Barn Panel

Kathleen Little's Wall Hanging
Using Eileen Gidman's Hand Painted Fabric Panel
When on a vacation, Kathleen stopped in at a small quilt store in Kaslo, BC where she first saw my hand painted fabrics. Later on in their vacation, Kathleen and her husband visited me at my studio in Creston, BC and purchased this panel. Thank you so much Kathleen for sending me this photo of the wall hanging you created. The dark inner border really sets of the detail of the black line in the barn panel. I am certainly going to remember that idea.
The following three quilts are from members of the Tuesday Quilt Group I belong to. The first on is created by Patty who is a co owner of 'A Quilter's Lumberyard - A Scrap Management System'. All those striped fabric pieces work well here to create this eye catching quilt.
Hilary sewed the harmoniously beautiful, mauve and green quilts. The first one she free motioned quilted for the first time. Hilary you have inspired me to try machine quilting the quilt top I have ready.

Patty's Quilt
Can you believe all the fabrics used were stripes?

Hilary's Quilt
This quilt was machine quilted by Hilary.
Hilary says "I love mauve!"
Whoever is getting this mauve, blue and green 'Charity Quilt' is fortunate. A lovely quilt.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Oh I love Kathleen's use of your panel in her wall hanging - what a wonderful way to finish it off as well. And those quilts - gorgeous!

Laura Leeder said...

These are wonderful Eileen, thanks for sharing!