Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adding a label to Quilted Works of Art

Adding labels to my hand painted quilted pieces this week seemed like such an accomplishment. I would recommend it for your own original quilted pieces. This allows people to know at a glance who created the work. The type of fabric was really important for printing on. I used a smooth cotton with a high thread count and wrote on it with a permanent pigma pen. The labels were heat set with an iron for 15 seconds. I would suggest writing before cutting it to size,  then pressing in the edges and folding in half length wise for insertion under the binding.
I am labeled!
Quilting a mug rug (small placemat for cup and a treat).
Adding the warm hues from the apple in pieced strips.
Poppy Orange completed. Some free motion details were added in black thread to the hand painted poppy fabric.

'The Red Fox', mug rug, art piece or whatever else you would like to use a little quilted piece of art for.
July 12, 2014 what is called a 'super' moon occurred.
The 'super' moon rising over the Skimmerhorn mountains in Creston, BC last night, July 12, 2014.
The Skimmerhorn Mountains (in autumn) just so you have an idea how tall and vertical those mountains are and why it took so long for the moon to rise over them.
Waiting for the 'super' moon to rise in a pagoda on the edge of a lovely Japanese styled garden. We waited and waited and waited, while people would call out throughout the evening, "The moon is coming up, it's getting lighter on the top of the mountain." Well at 11:20 the 'super' moon final rose over the Skimmerhorn Mountains. My photo does not due it justice but I can tell you it was well worth the wait.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm loving these mug rugs, Eileen - they're lovely miniature artworks that fairly sing with colour!

Laura Leeder said...

Your colour choices are just delicious Eileen!

Gloria said...

Yup, me too, love how crisp and yummy the mug rugs look....and what a nice place to enjoy the super moon! Must've been magical!