Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cloth, Paper, Water: 3 Friends, 3 Mediums

If you are in Creston, BC July or August 2014, be sure to check out the 'Cloth, Paper, Water' art show at the library for Art Walk.  I am pleased to be showing with two other artists Laura Leeder and Win Dinn. You can also check out Laura's work here  and Win's work here 

Win Dinn, Val van der Poel, Laura Leeder hanging the work.
There usually is a bit of nervousness as you hang an art show, as least there is for me. Each artist busily works away, alone, in their studio painting for months and then the day of 'true' comes when you have to,  get to, share your creations with the world.  

Thank you Val van der Poel, organizer for the art shows at the Creston Valley Library. Thank you Val for coming out to help us hang the art show for Art Walk. Val is currently showing at the Creston Chamber of Commerce and you can see her work here.
My (Eileen Gidman) textile paintings on the left and Win Dinn's mixed media paintings on the right.
My (Eileen Gidman) 'Rhododendron' textile painting on the left and Laura Leeder's water colour paintings on the right.
Laura Leeder, Win Dinn and me, Eileen Gidman
'Tomatoes on Textile' by Eileen Gidman on the left
Mixed Media by Win Dinn in the middle
Water colour by Laura Leeder on the right
This is what you will see as you enter the library. Art show hanging challenges: not only is that wall orange, it is also curved! I am also in another venue in Creston, but that will be for another post.

It is always relieving to have the art show hanging behind you so you feel like you can take the time to do something else sometimes. I had the pleasure of hiking in a new place, 'Parker Pass' on the weekend. Yes, we were so high that there were patches of snow still and because of that the alpine flowers are just coming out! If anyone knows that name of that flower, could you put a comment or send me an email at Thanks.
Note the four shades of blue in those distant mountains
Alpine Flower


Mellowood Gallery said...

Hi Eileen,

Thank you for the mention in your blog - there is no need to change it and I appreciate the link to my web page.
I believe that the flower is Moss Campion. It is always hard to tell how small things are in a photo but I remember getting down on my hands and knees to block the wind when Bob was taking photos on Parker Ridge. My Flower book shot is from a higher angle and I think Bob's shots where even closer than your's but I am pretty sure that is what the flower is. Have a great weekend.

Gloria said...

What an awesome event! I will be sure to make it out there sometime this summer! Such a colourful display!

Laura Leeder said...

We've certainly put some colour on those walls! As always, a pleasure to show with you and Win! Thanks!