Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canada Day: What from your country shows up in your art?

As Canada Day approaches, I started looking through the photos of my small textile pieces. Here are a few that represent what Canada means to me.
The most favorite textile card I've ever made.
This card reminds us of our constant challenge to balance nature with human inhabitation.
A bear and a cabin. Can't get much more Canadian than that.
Our beautiful wheat fields in contrast with our picturesque mountains.
Canadians like to grow things.
Maple leaves. We even have one on our national flag.
Our precious wetlands.
So many different wildflowers.
Often in Canadian gardens. Cheery.
Bees. We are thinking of them lately with their declining numbers. Very precious. Very needed.
Robins. We like our birds.
Creston, BC where I live, even has a festival for them.
Dragonflies. Well we like them too.
Iconic symbols of the prairies. Disappearing fast.

 What symbolizes Canada for you?


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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a delightful post, Eileen, and how evocative of our country! The maple leaves certainly strike a chord for me, given the two massive trees in our front yard, although they are all so much a part of our lives it would be hard to choose one only!