Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 2 of Painting with Dyes Workshop

On day 2 of the Painting with Dyes workshop in Gibson's, BC we continued to paint images with thickened dyes especially finishing pieces that had been drawn the previous day as a black line drawing using thickened black dye in a bottle with a nib. Stamping and sponging were demonstrated as well and participants took the time to experiment with different techniques. E really got into some monoprinting and C pulled out a gelli plate to try. The thickened dye beaded up on the gelli plate but what texture.

Oh such concentration. Only the dog has time to wander around.

The other half of the group is just as diligently working

J and her poppies

Foxglove with a sponged background by G

Echinecea by C

Mixing of colour right on the Fabric by S


And more florals. These florals will all work well with pieced blocks with quilted details.

Trying stamping and sponging. After rinsing this could be overdyed with a light vat dye, to colour the background.

M and I discussing what a fine job she did of fixing the spill of black dye that happened on her piece the day before when sketching in the flower outline with thickened dye. M turned the blotch into a seed pod and added two more. How is that for problem solving? I had to look the part of a 'Painting with Dyes Instructor' so I am wearing a low immersion dyed Tshirt. I have bamboo socks to match!

Using a gelli plate to print with. Nice texture!

Getting the right colour is challenging with painting with dyes as you always have to adjust for the fact that the colour will be slightly lighter when washed.

The addition of writing can give an art journal style.

What texture with the dry brush work and the sponging for the trees.

Look at the form created with these flowers. It came about by leaving the wonderful highlights and painting the deep and dark red of the petals.

Zentangles. What a great idea to use images/designs that you are doing in other mediums.

Waterlilies. Additional details are going to be sewn in this piece. It takes some careful planning when thinking that far ahead. I am very impressed with the more vivid blue in the foreground to the greyed blue of the background in order to show depth.
When I saw this, I said this is a 'show stopper'. H remembered to include some warm reds along with the mostly cool reds of the blooms. Note the darks that give form to the flower.
Very delicate colour was needed for this apple blossom.
Off to a great start. Unlike watercolour painting, when painting with thickened dyes you start with your darks.

Demonstrating painting on alternative fabrics such as a black and white print or even coloured cotton fabric.

The white trees were masked out before painting with torn masking tape. J told me it was quite a feat to do but look at the wonderfully irregular natural looking edge. The trees were left purposefully without colour for follow up stitching. The sponged foliage gives the impression of sunlight through a forest.
What a wonderful couple of days at this 'Painting with Dyes' workshop. Participants have said they would email me photos of what they do with their work which I will post-can't wait!


Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a fabulous array of images, styles and techniques, Eileen. You must be very proud of your group. And I LOVE your t-shirt - we do need to see the matching socks, though! :D

HollyM said...

Wow, it sure looks like a lot of fun. I'd like to see some of the pieces once finished . They're all talented.

Laura Leeder said...

Fantastic photo's Eileen. That room is loaded with talent. The t-shirt your wearing is just awesome!