Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 Mug Rugs Find New Homes

Today is an exciting day!!! I am off for my first day hike in over a year during which time I have be rehabbing an injury. I look forward to the beautiful views and surely there will be wildflowers. I wanted to get a quick post in to you before a heading out but I best put in my camera and sketchbook so I can share what I saw with you next time.
Here are five of the mug rugs that found new homes! Rather than for coffee and a treat some are going to be for wine and appetizers! Note that even though the two gates are similar as well as the three hummingbirds, I have retained originality with each mug rug by varying the pieced work as well.

With this first hummingbird mug rug, there is only a small bit of red in the pieced work and the throat of the calliope so the red really stands out. In the quilted piece below the red strip in the pieced work is larger and the binding is red as well as having red in the bird and the feeder. Don't you thing the complementary green of the bird becomes more noticable?
In the last mug rug a lot of neutral colour was used along with the harmonious blue, green and yellow squares making that the colour theme throughout with a little complementary red zing of the hummingbird's throat. Fun to play around with colour.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love these wine rugs, Eileen - fabulous idea to use them! I love the way you've played with the accompanying tones, too...such a difference in each!

Laura Leeder said...

These are such a great idea Eileen. I love the hummingbird themes!