Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunshine Coast Guild Trunk Show

What a great group of quilters my sister and I met on the Sunshine Coast. I had only been to the area once before so it was fun to explore this beautiful area of the BC coast. Click here for more information about their guild. It is my understanding there are several satellite quilting groups that meet along the sunshine coastal communities and once a month, Sept through to May, the quilters meet together as a large group. For the May meeting I was asked to provide a trunk show and lecture. Also I was given three tables to sell my hand (dye) painted fabrics prior to and after the meeting. I look forward to seeing what will be made with all those fabrics.

One of the highlights of being there was being able to enjoy the 'show and tell' where the members described and showed the quilts they had completed. All were unique and several were made for certain people so the quilt was specifically designed for the receiver. What a great way to provide the direction of a project.  

The creativity and design problem-solving of the group was shown several times when members made quilts and wall hangings from left-over pieced blocks or orphan fabrics from other projects. It made me wonder if the results weren't even more exciting than the original quilt.

Each quilter at the 'trunk show' receive a 2 1/2" piece of hand painted fabric attached to my business card with a small clothespin (for the significance click here Clothesline Series). Note below 5 things I came up with using a 2 1/2" square. What are your ideas?  
Quilters shopping for some of my hand painted fabrics prior to the meeting.
82 members attended the Sunshine Coast Guild Meeting on May 31, 2014 where I gave a trunk show and talk about the importance of 'design elements' in quilting.
Add 'Stitch Witchery' to the 2 1/2" hand painted square, cut out shapes, iron onto card stock, add free motion stitching to create a card.
Add 'Stitch Witchery' to the back of the 2 1/2" square, cut out shapes, add to muslin fabric, free motion stitch details for a quilt label. Write on details with a permanent Pigma type pen and press to set the ink.

2 1/2" square of hand painted fabric stitched to
 watercolour paper for a gift card.
Key Chain padded, sewn and embellished using a 2 1/2" hand painted fabric square.

Faux stamp for an envelope created out of an hand painted fabric.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love your ideas for the mini painting, Eileen - I do hope that your recipients will send their ideas in photos as well! Congratulations on a successful trunk show and workshop.

HollyM said...

That amazes me that you did 2 1/2" square for everyone! I wonder if you would grave any advice for me? I've been asked to do a trunk show at another guild about an hour from here.
I've not been well enough to accept yet but would like to try for the fall. I intend to call and get details on what they would like to see. I wondered if you might have some hints as I've never seen one nor done one.
Also, I have no idea about a fee.

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Holly, I am happy to share with you my experience giving a trunk show. I will reply to you in an email.
It is a wonderful way for quilters to share ideas.