Sunday, June 22, 2014

Driving Home and Hiking

NOTE COLOUR ENTHUSIASTS: At the end of this post, I've included a link to a wonderful website that helps you identify colours to go along with a colour of your choosing.  
The highlight of my trip home from the BC coast was at the rest area of Rhododendron Flats in Manning Park, east of Hope, BC. Click here for more information.  This website says this particular strain of flowering bushes are thought to be left over from the last ice age and these rhododendrons only grow in two other places in BC (on Vancouver Island)! What a special thing to see this beauties blooming in the wild. It was early morning and the light was only filtering through the trees but often the rays were shining right on a clump of the rhododendron blossoms. I was so fortunate to catch a glimpse of one as I was driving by and turned around to spend a few moments in this special place.

Early morning sunlight filtering through the forest onto these rare wild blossoms.
Marmot right outside the Tourist Information Centre in Princeton, BC. Isn't he a handsome 'fella'.

The sun was back lighting these ferns at a stop along my way home that I photographed them for a future painted fabric piece.

A recent hike which is always good for ideas for painting. The open side slope meadow we traversed was amass of wildflowers. Lupines, paint brushes, lilies, larkspur to name a few. Unfortunately the photos didn't do them justice.

Hiking up from the valley floor.

Note: Here is an amazing website that provides colour schemes. A friend and I used  it to find some colour ideas to use with a challenging set of dining room drapes. Be sure to check out the palette search area where you move the tabs along the 3 different lines to find your own colour to include in a colour scheme. Jessica's colour palettes could be used not only in home decorating but also quilting and painting. I notice she usually includes one or two near neutrals in her usually 6 colour selections as well as a variety of values. Of course you can use a colour wheel to come up with your own ideas, but this is fun too.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Lovely photos of your road trip, Eileen - and the web link for colour you posted is fabulous!