Sunday, August 3, 2014

Art Walk 2014

Mike Poznikoff of Creston Card and Stationery in front of his store.
This is my venue for Art Walk 2014 in Creston, BC for July and Aug. Thank you Mike for supporting the local artists!  Greeting cards by local artists are also available at the store.

'Grapes': Textile Art; painted by Eileen Gidman
Sample of my art work available at Creston Card and Stationery for Art Walk July & Aug 2014

Display panel for Art Walk. It is located right beside the checkout counter. My art work includes watercolour paintings, artisan pillows, mug rugs and hand painted fabric squares for framing or sewing. If you are in Creston in Aug come and check it out.

Need a present? Like something unique and locally made? These one of a kind textile art 'mug rugs' have been popular this summer. Women and men alike seem to appreciate them. Customers have told me they use them not only for a coffee cup but also a wine glass, reading glasses, cell phones and TV remotes. They are washable and keep in mind, they are easily mailed. Available at Creston Card and Stationery, this month only for $25.
Watercolour Paintings by Eileen Gidman. These are featuring birds and botanicals.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Great to see this post about your Art Walk venue this year, Eileen, and even better to see your work in Creston Card (I visit there a LOT!).

Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

And, on one of those trips Win made to Creston Card, I accompanied her saw your terrific display as well!

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Thanks Alice and Win for checking it out.

Laura Leeder said...

Your display looks terrific Eileen. Those mugrugs are such a great idea. I am thrilled with mine!