Wednesday, October 1, 2014

For Fall: Textile Cards Ready for the Stores

For Fall: Textile Cards Ready for the Stores
A new selection of textile cards will be available tomorrow at Creston Card and Stationery and at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce. The cards are painted with dyes onto natural fibre fabrics then details are stitched by free motion thread sketching. All are my original designs and all are created by me.
If you don't live in my area and would like a textile card, email me at

Yesterday, I free motion sketched 3 different poses of a blue heron. In the morning, (Don't you always check your yesterday's creations first thing?) I realized the two on the right required more substance to show over the background.
 More stitching to the wings and the addition of breast feathers let the viewer know this guy is here! Much better, I think don't you?

Adding the suggestion of feathers to this heron's back help to provide form to his shape.
No additional stitching is required as the background is light and therefore his outline stitching is enough.
Mountain Ash
The berries will soon be ready for the birds to swoop in on mass and eat them. Hope to see some Grosbeaks.

Golden wheat. Thinking of harvest time.

The pears are ripe and our neighbor brought us some from his very own tree. Precious pears!
My personal favorite. The pinkish beige is just such an odd colour on it's own that I am enjoying it in this fall landscape. Note that just a few meandering stitches give the tree leaves definition.
 I plan to be painting with red soon. What are you doing to celebrate the beauty of fall?


Win Dinn, Artist said...

Lovely, lovely cards, Eileen. I was in at Creston Card today and spotted one of your clothesline series in one - just delightful too!

Lynda said...


These are absolutely beautiful!

Laura Leeder said...

I can't decide which is my favorite, they are all wonderful and willing be flying out of the store! I just dropped off my new selection of cards yesterday at Creston Card.