Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Week in the Life of a Textile Artist

Textile cards for sale, a textile card received, an art meeting, and textile art photos in an email are all art related things that happened this week.
New winter related art cards created for sale at Creston Card and Stationery
Someone purchased one of my own cards to give to me this week! How very delightful and thoughtful that was.
Click here for more information about my 'Clotheline Series'. Are you a clothesline user? If you would like me to paint a watercolour painting of your clothesline, email me at

An art meeting at our new place. Of course as you can see it involves a lot of tea drinking and eating of treats. Fuel for the brain.
How terrifically excited I was to receive an email from Joan this week showing me what she did with two of her fabric pieces she painted at the 'Painting With Dyes Workshop'  at the Sunshine Coast this spring. Click here for a post about the workshop. 

Textile Art: 'Forest Scene'
Painted and embellished with hand stitching by Joan Baker of Sechelt, BC 
 This textile painting is so representational of the area where Joan lives. I love it.
Textile Art: 'Waterlilies'
Painted and detailed with stitching by Joan Baker of Sechelt, BC 
Do you see how Joan included the title of the piece and her signature in dyes right on the art work. This really lets you know how original this piece of fabric is. Thanks for the idea Joan.


HollyM said...

I just posted another picture of my clothesline on my last post. I love them too!
I love your cards, Eileen! Beautiful!

Laura Leeder said...

I love the winter scenes in your new series of textile cards! How rewarding to receive photo's of work that resulted from your workshop.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Those skaters are a delight, Eileen - and haven't you had a VERY full week!