Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Flowers Painted on Fabric

The following 3 textile pieces are painted onto cotton lawn material which will have a stabilizer attached before being free motion stitched.  The loose look of the lilacs delights me as it is more watercolour like than most of the textile pieces I have made so far. Hmm, how to apply that technique to other pieces???
Spring lilacs. Perhaps only the leaves and a very few blooms will need stitched details.

Okay, I know these look like yellow blobs but I am convinced I can stitch the shape of a daffodil onto them.

First I sponged some dark dye and then the lighter mauve dye. Although I can't remember for sure even though this was only last week, I believe the dye was thickened. After the coloured dyes had dried a bit, I added the drawn black line by squeezing thickened black dye through a small metal nib attached to the plastic squeeze bottle.
Spring is coming and it is time to think about spring blooms and also about feeding the birds that are migrating through.
Wild turkeys. Where we were bird watching two different children came up over the period of an hour we were there glasses for more 'exotic' birds. Both greeted the turkeys with "Hi turkey" as if they knew them. How delightful.

Acorn woodpecker

Broadbilled hummingbird. The cage around the feeder gave the birds somewhere to perch after drinking.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Lovely dyed works, Eileen, and I'm delighted to see photos of the birds in your 'southern home'...I wonder if one of those gorgeous hummers will migrate to our back yard!