Saturday, March 28, 2015

Two Mini Quilts to Mail and Dianne's Quilt to Show

 A complementary set of mini quilts/mug rugs finished and off to their new home.  One for him and one for her. The hand dye painted fabric was chosen as it reminded the new owners of their new home with the lake in the background and the flowers of their yard in the foreground. Rather than making the pieced work the same I opted for two harmonious colour runs. One with the warm colours of yellow through orange and the other from a cool yellow to green to greenish blues.

One day when we took a break from our carving group to have lunch at Dianne's, she showed us this quilt she was making. It was lovely of course but when she described it, her words flowed just as an artist might describe a painting. I will ATTEMPT to give you a few details of what she said.

Lunching at Diane's. Can you see the outdoor rug she painted.

I believe the quilt design started as a traditional pattern but the way Diane chose and placed the coloured fabrics made this a very original quilt.

Close up of the sunrise.

The beautiful sunrises of the BC coast is represented at the top with the three yellow, pink and orange blocks. The mountains in the background are along the BC coast shown as three blue triangles side by side. Below that is the blue of the ocean. And sticking up into the ocean you can see more mountains showing. They represent the islands that dot the BC coast. Diane used a variety of blues to show more water and then there is some yellow and green introduced that shows the life in the water next to the shoreline. The sand of the beach is shown with beige and very light blue.

A close up of the beach. The life along the beach is shown with a star fish.

The whole quilt is also a large fish and there is his eye appliqued on.

More shore life is appliqued onto the beach.

If you see the whole quilt as a fish, the fins are depicted with the triangles and tails on the left of the photo. Can you see the eye near the top of the photo on top of the yellow.
When you hear the explanation of why this quilter placed the fabric pieces of this quilt together in the way that she did, it makes so much sense. Just as a viewer looking at a painting attaches their own meaning, I think the same could be said for a viewer of  this quilt. Enjoy.


HollyM said...

Wow, Eileen that really is a very special and stunning quilt! A real treasure.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

Wonderful mug rugs, Eileen, and that quilt is really outstanding. Love hearing about how artists work, and their concepts.

Laura Leeder said...

Congratulations on the mug rug commission and the care in making them personal. A beautiful quilt.

Happy Easter!