Friday, January 22, 2016

Art Party - Fabric Painting on Aprons

My Completed Apron
My hand dye painted fabric is so colourful, it will be good to have a neutral apron for the Vendor Markets.

Preparing Ahead:

Sew or purchase aprons ahead for the amount of people you want to invite.

Have extra material available:
- for a test piece to start ie 18" square
-in case someone gets their apron done early

Gather supplies needed for fabric painting and provide adequate space for placing materials to share. Don't forget to cover your tables with protective material.

Provide fabric paints. These are ready to use.

Keep acrylic paints separate as equal amounts of the fabric printing medium (Golden GAC 900) will need to be added to make the acrylic into permanent fabric paint. 

Provide a place for your pet and some toys. If your dog is like mine, they are going to want to be in the action.

A tea and snack station is nice.

Tables for participants and their materials ready ahead of time allows everyone to start right away.

 Starting the test pieces:

A bonus of fabric stamping with others is they bring their stamps to share. Look at this beauty carved from a large eraser. Oh yea this was carved by the participant's spouse. Hmmm, how nice is that!
All could be made into something useful: colourful linings, tote bags, wrapping material, adhering to heavy paper for making into bookmark or boxes....and the list goes on.
There may be some highlighting that is going to be done to this piece yet but I love it as it is.

One person brought beige jersey fabric for stamping, later to be sewn into garments.

A harmonious colour scheme with the neutral white and black gives cohesiveness to a sampler. 
A blue blob that started this test piece simply becomes part of the background. The stamps are all of a natural nature creating a theme to the sample.

 Getting into painting on the aprons (after a cup of tea that is):

Starting on dampened fabric. Applying paint with a nylon dish scrubber - the things you learn from others.

Working in black and white. The pocket was stamped separately to create design element.

A completed apron. The stamps were dabbed off on a paper before applying, leaving a beautifully muted appearance.

This apron was built up in successive layers with each layer getting a little stronger colour. Some of the stamps were from Art Foamies, a local company that I can highly recommend. 
The newsprint sheet this participant tested her stamps on becomes wrapping paper.
After drying overnight all fabric must be heat set either in the drier or by ironing. Follow the instructions on your painting mediums.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

This was so much fun Eileen that I think we definitely need to encourage others to play. I'm going to keep nagging you for that fall workshop, you know!!!!

Alice Saltiel-Marshall said...

Great to see your blogpost on this - the apron painting session - that Win told me all about.
Looks like a wonderful, creative time was had by all!

Laura Leeder said...

Absolutely enjoyed myself and I now have a studio apron that I will wear with pride! (and a hankie for Ivor...hee heee) Many thanks!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

This is something I want to try with my apron! I've had it for a year, but I wasn't sure what to do with it! All those stamp marks look fabulous! I'm visiting through Win's blog today, wishing you a lovely weekend!