Saturday, November 30, 2019

Watercolour Paintings Find New Homes

Watercolour Series: Red Rock

These five paintings were painted on location this spring in Utah and were shown at the recent Images Art Show that I participated in. What wonderful country to hike in. I so enjoyed trying to capture the essence of a different landscape than what I am used to. It required some different coloured paints than my regular palette.

'Devil's Garden'
watercolour by Eileen Gidman 
 Off to it's new owner. This was a smaller area of red rocks that made it all the more special. Lots of families were visiting as it was easy for children to walk right up to the rock formations.

'Red Rock Canyon'
watercolour by Eileen Gidman
 Off to it's new owner. This was painted near the Visitor's Centre of Red Rock Canyon, near Bryce Canyon. What an amazing park that was. The spires to the left were called the 'Salt and Pepper'.

'Snow Canyon'
watercolour by Eileen Gidman
Off to it's new owner. A chance encounter lead us to this lovely little park where we enjoyed our first hike. When I look at this painting, I can still remember how solid that red rock felt to walk on.

watercolour by Eileen Gidman
Am I ever glad we ventured forth to this park. The afternoon hike, which I participated in, was through a slot canyon. Just wow!

'Grand Canyon Ranger'
watercolour by Eileen Gidman
This was my second time to the Grand Canyon but only my first time really seeing it as the first time the canyon was filled with fog. We had a very special tour guide who pulled in at every view point and gave us lots of time to explore.  

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