Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Artisan Pillow Series - 'Three Roses'

Artisan Pillow - 'Three Roses'
using my hand (dye) painted fabric
Using a hand painted panel, I sewed 1/4" tucks vertically every 1 1/4". Then starting in the middle, I pressed the tucks all one way and sewed them down with invisible thread. I measured over 1 1/2" and pressed the tucks the other way and sewed them down. I repeated this process on one side and then came back to the middle and repeated the other way being sure to alternate which way the tucks were laying.
This hand (dye) painted panel has a complementary colour scheme. The reds range from cool to warm and are shaded from white to dark red. Remember the whites are the light of the fabric itself and so must be planned from the beginning. Note the green leaves were created by painting a dark green around an already painted light green. This means this piece was dyed twice.
For the back, I placed in a zipper. I then squared up both front and back evenly and with right sides together stitched around the perimeter. I trimmed the corners and turned it right side out. So for those of you who have purchased my hand painted fabrics or have one of your own, you may want to try this technique to create one of your own original works of art in a pillow.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

This is exquisite, Eileen, so very lush! I'm loving your new Artisan Pillows...

Laura Leeder said...

Eileen, this pillow is so beautiful! I can't wait to see it in person!