Sunday, June 9, 2013

Border Collie and Plein Air Painting

Watercolour Painting on Location
What to take location painting?
I've never had an encounter with wildlife while painting but I get so engrossed, it is good to have my trusty Border Collie keeping an eye on things when I am out in the forest.
My favorite things for plein air painting other than the regular watercolour supplies is a hard body carrying case that is easy to tote a ways, sun screen, sun hat, bug repellent, water (easy to forget), camera and a comfortable chair. This chair has a side table attached, otherwise, I remove everything I need from my case and set it beside me as a table. Some people take an easel but prefer to prop my board on my knee.


Win Dinn, Artist said...

You look well organized, relaxed and with a friendly face nearby - almost makes me want to try it again!

Laura Leeder said...

That's a great photo Eileen! Do you have a favorite location you like to revisit?