Saturday, June 1, 2013

Artists that Paint their Lives

'Sweet Pea Scent'
16 X 20" $249. plus shipping
Dye Painted Textile
(wrapped around a frame for a modern look)
When thinking of sweet peas, don't you immediately imagine the scent. In the garden, we try to include a few plants especially for their smell. My absolute favorite for the earliest colour and scent in my garden is the beautiful Daphne. I treasure it over all the other plants. Surprisingly, in the over 20 years I've had this perennial, I have never painted a watercolour painting of it. Perhaps that is because it is usually still cold when it blooms and it wouldn't be much fun sitting out to paint it!
Don't you think it is best if when we create, it is about the things we know about? The artists I admire seem to express their lives and their interests, through their art. For me, this honesty shines through their work. These following three people immediately come to mind in this regard:

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Love your sweet peas, Eileen, and it's great to see some other artists' work as well!