Monday, September 23, 2013

My Paintings in a Collector's Home

My Paintings in a Collector's Home
This week a cheque came in the mail from a gallery where my work is displayed. Of course I love that but there is also a bit of sadness at not knowing who purchased my work. When I sell from a show and get to meet the purchaser it is a bonus for me.
As an artist, I treasure collectors of my work. In this case I also have a photo of four of my paintings grouped in their home. Thank you to all who understand the value of original art work. We artists truly appreciate you!


Jennifer Van der Hoek said...

I love reading your updates, Eileen.

(And I just noticed a typo in your "About Me": should be "experienced" rather than "experience".) ;-)

Win Dinn said...

It's always terrific to see artwork in situ, and this just shows it off delightfully, Eileen!

Laura Leeder said...

What an extra special reward to receive a picture of your paintings new home!