Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Watercolour Retirement Card

View outside the Retiree's Office Window

Second View outside Office Window

Painted on location by combining two slightly different views, eliminating unwanted elements, and moving things to get the desired composition.
When you are wanting to give someone special a card, consider painting it of a location that is meaningful for that person. I have done this twice this summer, once for a 60th birthday, when I had to sneak onto their deck while they were away to paint. This time the card is for a retirement so I have chosen a scene from outside the retiree's office window. This time I had to set up on a weekend when the College was closed.

I did work with Kathy, the retiree a few years ago, but her amazing people skills still remains firmly etched in my mind. I am not sure she is even aware of her abilities as it seems to come so naturally to her. When we worked together, I would often have the need to head for the office for something that required her input. There was often waiting involved because yes, Kathy is a talker. But when I had the chance to observe what she was doing, I saw what a tremendous communicator she is.
People constantly walked in off the street throughout the day. Many were shy, many unsure of walking into a college after being in the workforce for years, many thought they knew what they needed but perhaps didn’t and there were as many other types of people and situations as you could think of. Kathy’s manner was more than friendly, it was welcoming and calming at the same time. She seemed to be able to completely focus on that person in front of her and their needs. Of course that often meant I had to come back for what I needed but the college is there to serve the people and Kathy did that unequivocally well.
Kathy has had many other roles at the college which I am sure she did extremely well, but her time meeting people at the front desk is what I admired her most for. Creston is a better place because of all the student’s lives she has been a part of. Well done my friend.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Lovely card, and tribute. Well said, Eileen!