Sunday, September 15, 2013

Red Wine Label - Skimmerhorn's Kootenay.Crush

Skimmerhorn's 2012 Kootenay Crush Red
featuring my artwork!
Sept 13, 2013 the Kootenay Crush Red was being bottled. Link to Skimmerhorn Wineries Facebook Page
What a delight it was to again see my artwork on Creston's Skimmerhorn Wineries Kootenay Crush wine. This time it is the red wine being bottled. Crestonites love to take themselves and their visitors to the winery to enjoy wine tasting and the bistro lunch. It is especially pleasant on warm days when they can take advantage of the lovely view of the vineyard from the winery deck. Check here for their hours of operation.


HollyM said...

That is exciting! How wonderful to have your artwork on a wine label!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm looking forward to the time when Skimmerhorn Winery cracks this vintage, Eileen - your artwork looks wonderful on that bottle!

Laura Leeder said...

Congratulations again Eileen! A perfect complement to the red wine as well.

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Yes, it is exciting to have my artwork on a wine label, especially a winery here in the Creston valley. And yes I am looking forward to trying the wine.