Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Day's Work in the Studio

Ten 8 1/2" Dye Painted Blocks on Cotton
Sometimes people ask me "How long did that take you to paint?" Well, here is a sample of the results for one working day in the studio - yesterday. The fabric had already been prepared by soaking in soda ash and dried.
For the first step, I decide on one thing to draw and while I am painting that, an idea usually comes for the next image. I paint from my sketches, my reference photos, and occasionally from my imagination. Then I draw the images using a bottle filled with black dye and a nib. This day, by the time I had 8 images drawn, it was lunch time and I was ready for a quick nap. Did you know napping increases creativity? Well truth be know, I would probably have a 10 minute nap anyway.
Then with a  paint brush, I painted in the thickened dye paying particular attention to the dark colours as they are the most challenging to achieve. To have white in the piece, I need to paint around the area so that the white cotton shows. This is very much like the techniques used in watercolour painting.  
"My Art Dog" 

Sometimes my 'Art Dog' comes to visit me in the studio. She curls up under my studio table until she is bored and then heads out looking for someone to play a game of ball with her. It was late afternoon by the time I was done and by then I was ready to relax. Creating is fun but surprisingly tiring.


Skimmerhorn Wine for Happy Hour 
Sharing Skimmerhorn Winery's ( Kootenay Crush 2012 for a special happy hour. It was wonderful to catch up with friends. I decided to create a journal page as a memento for my self, showing the Kootenay Crush wine label my art work was on. Although I have been gravitating to this casual style of painting recently, the addition of text was new for me.
Journal Style Watercolour
by Eileen Gidman


Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm astounded at the amount of pieces you created in your day, Eileen, and all so lovely.

I'd happily share that bottle of wine with you, any happy hour - it is so wonderful to have them here in Creston, making us cheerful through grapes. And when it engenders such a delightful watercolour, even more so!

Laura Leeder said...

Very impressive Eileen! And what a great way to end a day of work in the studio with a glass of wine from a bottle featuring your wine label. Perfect!