Sunday, March 9, 2014

Visiting Longarm Quilter Sandy Turner

This winter, I had the pleasure of visiting textile artist, instructor and longarm quilter Sandy Turner at her studio. Meeting with another textile artist and 'talking the talking' was exhilarating. As artists usually work independently, when they meet, the sharing of ideas can be at a furious pace and that day was just that. Too much fun!
Sandy Turner's business is: The Quilter in the Big Blue House. The following photos are samples of Sandy's beautiful textile art as well as photos of her and her husband Stan's home.

Sandy Turner's Appliqued Wall Hanging

Sandy Turner's Small and Intricate Framed Wall Hanging
Sandy beside a Self Portrait in Textile
One of the Two Longarm Quilting Machines
Outside Sandy and Stan's House
Lots of interesting artifacts artfully displayed.
Outside Sandy and Stan's House
Someplace for the birdies to have a bath!

It was amazing to see this business the Turner's have created. Stan is a full partner in their business as he services sewing machines and is also a long arm quilter.  It was a busy place with several people dropping off and picking up quilts in the two hours I was there.  It was interesting to see that the process for meeting to decide how to quilt someone's quilt top is much like a meeting when doing a commissioned watercolour painting. It has to be quite a detailed dialogue with a blending of ideas.  Check out Sandy and Stan Turner's link here.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a fabulous thing it is to connect with other artists working in the same medium - sounds like you had a wonderful time, Eileen. I love your photos, and Sandy's eclectic home looks terrific.