Thursday, March 6, 2014


Lemon yellow, butter yellow, aureolin, cadmium yellow, chartreuse, canary, citrine, goldenrod, golden yellow, hansa yellow, naples yellow are a few of the names to describe the colour/hue of yellow. Some people think it is a challenging colour.
I've even heard a quilter say "Don't put yellow in a quilt". Why??? For me, I wouldn't think that true so I checked through my recent art work to see how often I use yellow. Quite often it turns out. Perhaps she meant don't use all yellow. Hmmm...has anyone made an all yellow quilt? (Send me a photo at I know I have seen yellow mixed in with black and white and it was beautiful.
Journal style on Textile
My first attempt at using a journaling style on a dye painted panel. I loved adding the text and can't wait to try more. The dragonfly design was created using a stamp. A simple way to make original stamps is to cut shapes out of the sheets of foam you can buy at a craft store. Glue the shapes to a block of wood. This surface works perfectly with the thickened dyes I use and I am sure would work well for textile paints as well.

My Hand-dyed Blocks
This week I packaged ten 8 1/2" dye painted blocks that are ready for quilting or framing. I see yellow 'Brittle Bush' and yellow-orange 'Poppies' in this mix.
4 1/2" X 6 1/2" Textile Card Blank of Hand Dyed Cotton
This week our quilt group joined with the Tuscany Quilt group to put on an annual quilt show. I had the pleasure of demonstrating free motion stitching on my hand dyed fabrics for making into textile cards. There seemed to be a lot of quilters interesting in trying some. If you don't have hand dyed materials you could start with some fabrics pieced together. Ironing them onto a stiff interfacing gives a solid base for free motion stitching.

Pillow by Eileen Gidman

Last summer I made this pillow using a hand painted square with added commercial fabrics. Doesn't that yellow and blue look lively together?

Watercolour by Eileen Gidman 
 A recent watercolour journal page. Here I have added the secondary colours of green and orange for an analogous/harmonious three colour scheme.


Gloria said...

I'm enjoying seeing your artwork sewn up into projects. Sometimes I need these visuals for ideas!

Love the text in your journal panel!

Win Dinn, Artist said...

And look at all that delicious yellow in there. I'm glad it's not illegal - I'm presently working on an altered book called 'Not so Mellow Yellow' would be hard to explain our studios to the Yellow Police! :D

Laura Leeder said...

Absolutely wonderful post Eileen! Your pieces are vibrant jolts of colour harmony! No fear of yellow here!