Friday, September 12, 2014

Art, Autumn and Abundance

Opening night of the Core Matters: Farm and Food, art show.

The opening was hosted by the Creston Chamber of Commerce. Click  here for their website.
Abundance: I met a woman this week that came especially to visit Creston because of the valley's ability to grow a wealth of food. To be reminded through this visitor's eyes how special that is, was delightful. The nine artists of this show are also paying tribute to the abundance of agriculture we enjoy here. The show is up at the Creston Chamber of Commerce until Oct 3. Please visit if you can.

The opening was well attended giving us artists a chance to mingle with people who support the arts. Thank you.
Check here for Creston's Newspaper.  which featured the Core Matters: Farm and Food art show. Thank you to the Advance staff for your coverage of Creston's art events.

The air is filled with exciting art related experiences for me this fall. Check future posts for full details. Here is a sneak preview:
  • Note that the two palettes, that were just refilled, are different and I will be needing them both!
  • An antique door painted with a 'Sunlit Piazza' colour.  
  • Low immersion dyeing of men's Tshirts. 

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

Just so excited for all your upcoming fun, Eileen and that Chamber show is a knockout!