Saturday, September 20, 2014

Do You Ever Do Something Just For Yourself?

Have you ever done something just for yourself? Recently I went to the Rocky Mountains to plein air paint for 5 days. Wow, the whole experience was enriching, from:
  • meeting a very generous couple who hosted us,
  • meeting the farm couple who invited us to their ranch to paint,
  • witnessing the changing autumn colours throughout the week,
  • being in the company of dedicated plein air painter friends,
  • to experiencing the vast views of the foothill area of the Rocky Mountains.
This will be a week to remember for life. If you can organize something like this for yourself, I would highly recommend it.

One of several watercolour paintings that were 90 percent completed on location

The view that was my inspiration

Thread & Fabric. A textile person couldn't resist that sign! Although I didn't have time to paint this on location, I still might paint it.

Blue and yellow, big sky prairie sunrise.

Yes, this is a REAL photo. Those wind-tortured tree trunks made intricate patterns. I did two paintings at this location which will need some details added in the studio before showing you.
Textile Art: Can't wait to paint this image on textile with dyes. Can you imagine it?

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What an idyllic week, Eileen - and the painting results certainly bear it out!

Mellowood Gallery said...

I am not fond of painting outside - I have too much trouble reducing what I see to something I can paint but you did a great job on that first piece. It sounds like you had a great time and I look forward to seeing your posts of completed paintings.