Monday, September 8, 2014

Warm Fall Colours Dyed

Have you ever made a textile book? This was my first one and there definitely was a learning curve. Thank you to the quilter on Pinterest who showed the front and back covers with a wide book spline between them. Adding that inch between the front and back cover allowed me to sew the additional double pages down individually to the back 'spline'. Therefore the pages were all even when the book is closed.
Front cover
 This little book so fits in the with art show 'Core Matters: Farm and Food' theme I am currently in. I will post about it after the opening tomorrow night.

A is for Apple

Cherries and a Pear

In a tree: Apricots and Plums

We can't forget Blueberries
The 'onesies', (next to the 2 orange fat quarters) are ready to send with the book for a baby gift.

A living wall of Scarlet Runner Beans is gorgeous in my perennial bed right now.
 Yellow, orange and red prevail through this post. It must be autumn.

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Win Dinn, Artist said...

What a wonderful baby book, Eileen - so juicy with all that fabulous fruit! And that photo of the clothesline looks like another painting in your clothesline series!